Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday Favorites...

 Last month I decided to move our dry erase calendar to the hall so I could access it having it here...helps keep our schedule organized!  Plus I added a $4 stripped rug by the garage door...really helps control the dirt that gets tracked in!
 We got a second laptop {thanks mom and dad} so we moved our old computer to the living room so the girls could play learning games.  I have really enjoyed having it in the main living area...keeps us all together. 
 My favorite Anthro candle {Capri Blue Volcano}...still love my Scentsy but it's nice to have a pretty candle in the house :)
This picture is from today {Saturday} hubby had to work so the girls and I are hanging out.  They have been into cleaning and organizing {sound the choir} so we have already made beds and cleaned up the toy room...yaaaa!!!!  It always feels so good to have a clean space!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hi Bear. Chris is helping a friend move, so the kids and I are just hanging out at home, too. :o) miss you. Really - i was in the shower yesterday and for some reason it really flooded over me how much I miss you! Love you Bear <3