Sunday, March 4, 2012

 Friday Favorites 
{yes...I know it's Sunday...just go with it :) }

 Lucy got "fixed" on Wednesday so she has been laying low the last few days...she's sporting her new hair cut...
 Doesn't this look so relaxing...not our normal bedtime ritual but what the heck it's Friday right?!?
 Beanie and I snuggling...she's the best snuggle bug!
 Clearly pictures are in no kind of order...
Took the littles with me to Costco {desperate times call for desperate measures...we were almost out of toilet paper}  The littles were AWESOME...had to stop and capture their smiling faces!

 Quick story...Friday morning these two cuties were playing upstairs...I noticed that it was awfully I called answer...up stairs I went.  Didn't see them in the playroom...not in the bedroom...then I heard there muffled little voices in the craft room walk in closet.  I opened the door and caught them red handed with their tiny little hands in the skittle jar...BUSTED!!!!  Of course they blamed it on each classic!  Had to laugh!
Hope you had a great weekend...maybe next week I will get my Friday Favorites post done on Friday :)


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  1. oh how i love all of these pics! I still can't believe the monkeys got into there. well- i'm not TOO surprised as it shows how smart they are- figuring out how to get the top off and such. Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come! hahaha