Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last weekend we enjoyed 4 wonderful days at Mt. Hood {thanks mom and dad!}  We stayed in a beautiful house that was covered in felt like we were a million miles away from home but in reality only a little over an hour {love that!}  The girls got to experience inner tubing for the first time...they had an absolute blast!  Lucy got in on the action too...

Beanie and Papa on the back deck of the rental house...the deck was full of snow when we arrived.

I think Lucy loved inner tubing just as much as the girls :)
Papa is such a good sport...those girls had him carrying their tubes up the hill over and over again...thanks dad!
Mom planned a surprise for my dads birthday...she had Uncle Franny show up on Saturday and stay the night with us.  The girls loved having him there!
Hubby and Beanie having a great time together
Lucy got pooped out from all that running around...cute pup!


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  1. i love these! it looks like Lucy was chasing them down the hill every time! so funny!!