Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January has come and gone...I can't believe it's February!

We have been busy with school, family, and are a few highlights...aka things we actually have pictures of :)

My oldest nephew turned 4 last week...happy birthday luke...we love you!

We ordered a new couch a few weeks ago and it came in today...very exciting news in the King household!  We ordered it by looking at a picture and a fabric swatch so we were a little worried about how it was going to turn out...thank goodness we love it!  It is a really pretty chocolate/gray color...

 We were lucky to have the boys over for a little date night a couple weeks ago...hubby captured some great pictures of Jack...doesn't he just melt your heart!  I can't get over how beautiful his eyes are!  Auntie Mar loves you Jack!
 Jack is a yaker as you can see by my shirt below...but how can you be mad at a face like that?!? 
We have had a great start to the year...hope you have too!  

I promise I will be a better blogger :)



  1. Hooray for a new couch!(Isn't it so nerve wracking when you order a couch that way?!! It looks great!). I love seeing your face, I miss it! xo

  2. YAY!!! yay for a new update! yay for a new couch! and yay for a couple cute picks of Mr. Yack-Yack Jack! LOVE YOU!